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Hi! I'm James, and I'm a composer! You can find my work under my music tag! (There is a link right above this!)

Check out my Albums page for my latest releases, and be sure to read my FAQ for any questions you might have!

Asks are directed to my side blog soselfimportant-txt!

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OP 2 - Bloody Stream

merrigo is busy with school this week so I was on my own for art! I definitely Google Image Searched the phrases “JJBA” and “PIXEL” and I hope you can appreciate my dedication to my craft.

download link is in the video description!

this bassline is so catchy

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I almost forgot it was 4/13!!! (tomorrow) Yeah! merrigo and I did a little video for you!

This track is so nostalgic man. I miss homestuck, but I’m like so far removed from the fandom and stuff now I feel like its been enough time and I can get into it again.

art by merrigo

music by soselfimportant

Download link in video description

original by Mark Hadley available for purchase here!

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Song:Beneath the Stars (wip)

Artist: James Roach


Played: 790 Times

some personal orchestral work

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music box sketch 1

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that was the wrong file im amazing

tumblr user goodbyehappiness is a good friend who bought their pal helloremo an amazing birthday present: music by ME, the most important person on the planet who are these other two weirdos hoggin my post hey hey look at me hey HEY

can you believe i conned rika-wawa into buying two tracks from me at once i mean uh wait uh hold on now uh

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10 out of 20 dollars from rika-wawa whoa man!!!

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A quickie ten dollar piano commission for summer-of-the-shinx 

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