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Hi! I'm James, and I'm a composer! You can find my work under my music tag! (There is a link right above this!)

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OK i need somebody to draw me some track art, it turns out!

Who has DA GUTS 2 draw me homestuck related trackart 4 free

Show Notes
  1. dokirumps said: MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEM me?
  2. arsenelupinthethird said: ok
  3. plaidcushion said: You’ve no doubt found someone by now but if you need some track art in the future I’d probably be able to make it?
  4. figsnstripes said: I’d give it a shot.
  5. garbage--chan said: I might like to if you actually like my art ; w;
  6. paradoxcomplete said: I can. Whatcha need?
  7. mya-the-butt-touch-octopus said: me?
  8. goodknight2sday said: yo
  9. mechanicalspiral said: maybe?
  10. shavenyeti said: Me, what do you need?
  11. mondopolis said: If you like my art, i’m up to it!
  12. spookyhouse said: hMMMM
  13. mitunabby said: What would it be along the lines of? ( interested c: )
  14. thescratchdoctor said: I don’t have guts but I do have a tablet.
  15. shewbs said: what we talkin here
  16. hraugur said: I’ll give it a shot! What do you need and when do you need it?
  17. esabelleryngin said: Sure! Feel free to hit me up for it!
  18. tinybro said: track art of what specifically? for those of us interested
  19. soselfimportant posted this