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tinybro replied to your post: OK i need somebody to draw me some track art, it…

track art of what specifically? for those of us interested

OK so I wrote a track called PIMPSLAYER which is about god tier dave fighting lord english.

(it sounds a little something like this)

so man I’m super bad at these like

asking people do do track art because people will just DO IT before I say ok

but I guess if a lot of people give me art, I’ll just put it all in the post with a uhh…. certain amount of quality control though…

that might be kinda cool

yeah ok


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  1. movedbuttt said: are you gonna like be open for submissions on your blog or should they be emailed? :o
  2. arsenelupinthethird said: Q : specific size recommendations? submit to ask / submit box for those wanting to give it a shot?
  3. anxietypizza said: so are you proposing you just have people do the drawings first and send them to you, and then you’ll choose?
  4. shewbs said: any character you had in mind?
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