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True FACTS about the city of Riverside, CA 

Riverside is colloquially known as “The Land Christ Forgot”

Riverside’s city motto is “At least we’re not Riversi- oh SHIT”

The pastime of the city of Riverside is “getting the fuck out of Riverside”

Riverside’s city bird is a pigeon

Riverside has no trees legit where them trees is at??

Riverside’s main export is Teen Pregnancy followed closely by crippling regret followed closely by dust

legit that shit is so dusty like they aint got no maids in riverside or what idk man

FACT: you have never seen children playing in the streets riverside because they eat their young

TRUTH BOMB: there isn’t even a river like anywhere near it what the fuck riverside

STONE COLD TRUTh: everybody in riverside will die someday that is dismal as hell like they just accept that shit like its faith not me ima live forever cmon get your shit together riverside this is just getting depressing

Riverside is the armpit of california have some fucking pride

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