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Song:Adios, Doctoreador

Artist: Homestuck music team (Arr. James Roach)


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Corny Wall of text incoming:

Lexxy asked me a while ago to do a Doctor remix for her. She said the style was up to me, so being that she has been there for me during my recent tough times (and all in all, just being a cool lady!) I wanted it to do it justice.

When I was younger, My grandfather would tell me tells of the old country. I have never strongly identified with my cultural heritage and at times was even embarassed of it. But those stories he would tell of the romanticized lives of he and his compatriots really drew me in. My grandfather arrived in Mexico from Spain on a ship in his early 20s. Having fallen on hard times in the old country, and his very young bullfighting career over due to an injury, he sought a promised job a distant relative offered working in the fields.

The work was hard, but found his joy in singing and playing the guitar during his downtime. This caught the eye of the local Noble’s Daughter. She was beautiful, but she was young. They fell madly in love, but there was a problem. She was betrothed to the local government official. I’m pretty sure ZERO FUCKS were given on that day, via my grandfather. Her betrothed found them together and did the classiest thing imaginable. He challenged my grandfather to a motherfucking DUEL to the death.

I think he assumed he would make quick work of this peasant farmhand smoochin on his woman. I think he assumed, and I’ll be honest it was a safe assumption, that this young man was probably not a bullfighter in the old country. He was just an urchin with a gimpy leg.

My grandfather stabbed him through the heart.

Now, I’m ALL ABOUT not murderin’ people. Try and Imagine you’re a four year old hearing this story through the whispered coughs of an old ass man.

My grandfather taught me to play music, taught me to appreciate life. He would say “Don’t complain about the life you have, Make it the life you want it to be.” I don’t know what this has to do with homestuck, but I thought it was a pretty cool story.

Anyway, Lexxy, thanks for being a friend. I hope you like this as much as much as I enjoyed making it for you.

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