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Song:Sundown (OneTruPairing mix)

Artist: Homestuck Music Team (Arr. James Roach)


Played: 2209 Times



UPDATE! Incredible album art by the talented (confirmed) and beautiful (unconfirmed but probably true!) Tori! You should definitely check out their art! I love their style! Reblog if you can for no other reason than they are rad and deserve some sweet exposure!

headcannon fanfiction about music time this is my favorite part

0.00 Imp Ambush! 

0.04 Jade warms up (Bassline)

0.15 Space-Witch Telepooorrt

0.17 STRIFE!

0.27 another teleport

0.31 Jade is becoming more comfortable with her abilities, but something still feels weak and anemic with the melody (synths)

0.59 The imps strike back, but there are more of them than she had hoped Jade is knocked down

1.06 Help arrives, but who is it? Jade can’t see without her glasses. (trumpets)

1.36 Glasses on, Its Dave! (I-i-i-i-its Love, Chordal resolution in trumpets)

1:40 Dave handles the fuck out of some Imps (record scratches) Jade helps (synth melody/bassline)

1.53 Jade starts to feel a little more comfortable handling things on her own. Dave steps back for a bit.

2.20 jade what are you doing (Dave has to reverse time a bit.)

2.21 The melody starts to fill in as Jade begins to feel more comfortable (Layered Synths) Dave supports her with some phat beatz

3.01 Some big fuckers come. Unfortunately for them Dave is sort of in his element. Whoops. (Beatdown Melody/Scratches)

3.16 Don’t count Jade out though.

3.30 Jade is hurt.

3.42 Not on Dave’s watch.

3.46 Lets try this again.

3.47 The imminent danger handled Dave lets sits back, he is tired.

3.47 but there are still imps to be dealt with. (Drums) It is Jades turn to protect Dave.

4.01 Hey turns out Jade is sort of rad.

4.33 You’ve done well, Jade. They embrace.

hahahaha time to explain to my wife and friends what exactly I’m writing here.

Incredible new album art! Tori did an excellent job!

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