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Hi! I'm James, and I'm a composer! You can find my work under my music tag! (There is a link right above this!)

Check out my Albums page for my latest releases!

I finished an old one, Enjoy!

Tumblrmon: Sarah

(originally written by Thomas Ferkol)

So eidolonorpheus did some music for doublepistolsandawink 

neither of which I know very well. but i really liked it, and wanted to mess around with it so I asked him for a midi and made it more uh

wow how do I say I made it chiptune without sounding like a total douche

it can’t be done

wait why are all the sarahs redheads

also idk i guess i drew on her icon whoops


Tumblrmon: Ghost Hunter James Battle 

(if this sounds familiar to you, it should!)

(character art by Bana)


Artist: Samm Neiland


Played: 1271 Times


well i guess i can post this now.

a tumblrmon theme.

not must to say beyond me sticking to the max gamboy sound software tools and making a song from that.

original visual art by reid.

This is really good!

Hey guys, if you’re not following Sammneiland, and you like quality music you should be!

Ghost type supremacy!

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Song:Pokemon Coordinator Bana Battle! (BiS MIX)

Artist: James Roach


Played: 3623 Times

Pokemon Coordinator Bana Battle! (BiS MIX)

A remix of this, as people were asking for a longer version!

Song:Tumblrmon: Taylor Battle

Artist: James Roach


Played: 1859 Times

Tumblrmon: Taylor Battle

(character art by taylor)

(original track)

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Song:Tumblrmon: Coordinator Bana battle!

Artist: James Roach


Played: 5189 Times

Tumblrmon: Coordinator Bana battle!

(character art by Bana)

Song:Tumblrmon: Richboy Alex battle!

Artist: James Roach


Played: 1539 Times

Tumblrmon: Richboy Alex battle!

(character art by Bana)

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Song:Tumblrmon: Trainer Maf battle!

Artist: James Roach


Played: 2219 Times

Tumblrmon: Trainer Maf battle!

(character art by Maf)

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